Staffing Services

Our staffing services cover a full range of professional staffing services designed to support your internal operations. The credentials and experience of our associates guarantee your expert sourcing, recruiting and placement of critical talent necessary for the execution of your business.


We recruit and staff professionals in the technology, engineering, financial, human resource, operations, quality and executive areas on a permanent, contract or project basis.

Our goal is to become a key provider to each of our customers and an integral part of their talent development and staffing team. We work with our customers to determine the scope and requirements of the talent they need. We work diligently with their staff so we may provide these services in the most professional and efficient manner possible.


We are also an outside resource for your business. When in-house staffing levels aren’t equipped to handle some projects or you choose to outsource, we can step in and help you with your permanent, contract and project staffing needs.

Our Staffing services include:

  • Retained Search and Recruitment
  • Contingency Search and Recruitment
  • Professional Contract or Project Recruitment and Deployment

At Moten Tate, Inc. (MTI), we believe effective staffing management involves more than simply providing you with the people you need, when you need them. It involves helping you implement tools and programs to increase business productivity. MTI offers a comprehensive human resource program that increases profitability by maximizing productivity and minimizing risk.

MTI associates approach each assignment with our time tested search technology process.

Needs Assessment: Working with the Customer to analyze the company’s needs and determine the skills, knowledge and competencies required for a successful candidate.

Position Specification/Job Description: After assessing the Customer’s needs, we prepare a written position description that outlines the responsibility for the position, qualifications required and criteria for success.

Identify and Assess Candidates: Identify and confirm target sources using multiple sourcing tools. Screen and evaluate candidates, prepare background profiles, review profiles with Customer and receive feedback.

Interviews: Facilitate Customer interviews of candidate, obtain feedback, and conduct reference checks.

Selection: Conduct final interviews if necessary and negotiate salary and benefits if needed.

Completion: Once the successful candidate is in place, the associate who worked on the search is available to support the newcomer’s successful integration into the customer’s team.